A Second Look at Spinal Decompression

Often misunderstood, the truth is that SDC works. 

Spinal Decompression Therapy Deserves a Second Chance

There are many reasons why you might think that spinal decompression therapy (SDC) or non-surgical axial spinal decompression treatment (NSSD) is the wong direction for your practice. In the past, the treatment has been misrepresented and poorly implemented, leading to less than impressive results.

But the truth is that SDC is effective for countless patients that suffer from lower back pain and want a non-surgical solution. 

This article from HillDT Clinical Director Dr. Tim Burkhart will shed light on some of the most important studies on spinal decompression therapy and show you just how valuable the addition of this treatment could be for your practice. 

Download the article below and make sure you're informed.